Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Emerald Shirt Dress

Shirt dress - River Island ♦ Boots - Hypnotic ♦ Necklace - By Francis Frank ♦ Heart necklace - a gift ♦ Ring - a gift 

 Last weekend was my Mom's birthday (and Mother's Day, coincidentally) and we'd booked a holiday apartment at Whitemead park in the Forest of Dean. Here's what I wore to her special dinner out; this shirt dress is my new favourite thing ever, even if my brother did say it looked like a nightie. What do you think of it?

If my legs are looking a bit bruised and cut up, it's because they are. Whilst we were up there, Jack and I decided to check out the mountain biking trails - well, I guess you can see where this is going. I had a pretty impressive fall off my bike - well it would have been if I hadn't have cried a bit. Humiliating but hilarious. Now that I've skidded off the trail, rolled down a hill and got my hair bobble caught on a fallen tree all at the same time (yes, this really happened), I feel I can do anything. I'm getting a pretty new bike soon so I'll be ready to take on the trails once again. And next time they won't defeat me.Or bruise my arse.

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